Tuesday, 17 May 2011


On Sunday, I woke up pretty late after a 'nap' I took late afternoon. And that felt unearthly!....I wanted to have something  to escalate my moods and uplift my energy. I went to the fridge, took out some watermelon, cut it up, a nice ripe banana, a ripe Badami mango (use Alphonso please),  few almonds and few cashewnuts and some honey. I blended each fruit separately starting with watermelon (and a little honey) , followed by  a banana (with 1/4 cup milk, few cardamon seeds and the nuts)   and finally the mango with some water. I poured the juices individually one after the other into a glass. And voila...my instant energy and mood elevator drink was ready....what shall I call it? MAGIQUE DRINK. Oh I must say, the effects are magical....Clean and Green...! (well, clean, healthy and colourful).

Those tiny white bead like things (top right) in my juice are bits of nuts.
I didn't fine grind them, so I could enjoy the feel of crushed nuts while sipping the juice
 Try it out, its easy...and absolutely wonderful. You just have to adjust the honey to suit your taste. I wouldn't recommend sugar, though I know a lot of people would prefer the taste of sugar to honey. If you really want to add sugar to each fruit while grinding, don't add too much.

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