Friday, 20 May 2011


I like going to Shamiya Co-op. The ambience is quite good there. Yesterday my husband I dropped in at Shamiya co-op for some quick purchases. They had a big stock of really nice oranges. They also had gift trays of fruit arrangements (assorted and individual) like Strawberries, mixed fruits and oranges. Don't you think they would make a nice gift instead of the usual cakes and pastries.  As I quickly browsed through the fruit section, I saw these really  big Pomellos. I like the ones that are yellow in the inside when cut, I somehow don't fancy the ones that are near blood red when cut. It's funny how we have certain likes and dislikes and cannot really explain why for some of them. The strawberries from USA, at Shamiya, looked big, fresh and bright red, quite a visual treat. I love strawberries. There were these super long fat chillies in red, green and yellow. Okay some pics..

I enjoy flavoured nuts, but I purposely avoid them and have plain nuts like cashewnuts, almonds and peanuts (unsalted, unflavoured). Shamiya has a nice variety of flavoured nuts that looked fresh and nice. Wasabi flavaour cashews, soya crunchy, barbecue...they all taste great.. I didn't buy them. However, those who like nuts would enjoy these. Nuts are nutritious  and you should have them for their health benefits, but don't eat too many...they are high in calories. Here are the pics.

Wasabi(light green ones), barbecue, smoked, crunchy cashew nuts, besides many other flavours.

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