Thursday, 19 May 2011


Further to my blog on Tuesday night, here is a REMINDER  about the ARTISAN EVENT where Florentine artisans of GUCCI will showcase their artistry and skills live in front of you, today,  in the workshop that has been set up in the Gucci Store in 360 Mall.

There was a press meet at Gucci Stores, 360 Mall on Wednesday morning, 19th May and on Wednesday evening, there was a VIP gathering for the Artisan's event. The Artisan's event is open to the public on Thursday 19th May 10am to 10pm. Do visit the GUCCI store for an very interesting experience whereby you get to view the time-honored traditions . As they assemble some of the most iconic handbags, customers can witness first hand the meticulous attention to detail and superb craftsmanship that is involved in the production of every item in Gucci’s leather goods collection. 
The hand-crafted products will be personalized with hand-embossed monogramming and will feature a special inside plaque embossed with the location and date. Clients that make a purchase during this event will receive a personal letter from Gucci Creative Director Frida Giannini, thanking them for their purchase.   The Artisan Corner display includes custom work tables, a sewing machine, a leather stand, and metal tools, as well as additional background materials which show the products’ evolution from mood board to sketches. An accompanying video display will show Gucci’s artisans at work over the years, also reflecting the fact that these skills are handed down through family generations.
GUCCI handmade bag

Gucci New Bamboo Bag

GUCCI snaffle bit bag
The craftsmen will focus on assembling the New Bamboo, the Snaffle Bit, and the Handmade bag –three of Gucci’s signature handbag designs presented on the runway by Giannini.  The original Bamboo was created in 1947 and was reintroduced in the Spring Summer 2010 collection.  The New Bamboo is comprised of 140 separate pieces which are hand-assembled by an expert artisan in Gucci’s Florentine workshops.  It is crafted in the same manner as the original and requires 13 hours of work to ensure its perfect details.

So do make time to attend, for a unique experience!
Date : Thursday 19th May
Time : 10am to 10pm
Venue : GUCCI stores, Ground Floor, 360 Mall.

A very special thanks to Costanza Assereto, PR, GUCCI for her kindness and wonderful assistance! My very best wishes for Costanza.

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