Thursday, 19 May 2011


On  Wednesday evening, I was able to attend a very interesting Iranian contemporary art exhibition 'Neither Here Nor There' at Dar Al Funoon Gallery. Neither Here Nor There brings together the work of seven Iranian artists, and each of them express various psychological reactions to the environment in which their subjects have suddenly found themselves. It's all about life's unforseen circumstances due to war or unsafe domestic condtions that leads to immigration to foreign lands, followed by  ironies and maladies like culture shock, displacement, alienation, human reaction and adaption.  Experiences in life leave a permanent imprint and artists are endowed with the gift of expressing them in various forms of art! The beautiful exhibits comprise of :

1. Black and white photography - pigmented inkjet print on paper by Nima Alizadeh
2. Oil on Canvas by Adel Younesi
3. Etching on Paper by Afshin Chizari
4. Print and embroidery on fabric  by Rozita Sharafjahan
5. Upside down photography - Peyman Houshmandzadeh
6. Oil on Canvas by Shanita Zakerameli
7. Digital Printing by Hamed Sahihi

The exhibition has been going on since 2nd May. Thursday, 19th May is the last day of the exhibition. Art lovers don't miss this one.

Dar Al Funoon gallery is a beautiful place with the ambience of old Kuwait, as the gallery is located in an olden style traditional Kuwaiti house with beautiful courtyard and you get the feeling of going back into time. A perfect place for holding art exhibitions. There are certain roads blocked around that area due to construction. However, it not at all difficult to reach or locate from Gulf Road (after Kuwait National Assembly building). Do call to find out directions if you haven't been there before.

Venue : Dar Al Funoon, House 28, Behbehani Compound, Kuwait City (see map below)
Date: Today, Thursday 19th May is the last day of the exhibition
Time : 10am to 1 pm and 4pm to 8pm
Tel : 22433138
Here are some pictures from the exhibition

Dar Al Funoon Gallery (House 28), Behbehani Compound, Kuwait City

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