Monday, 16 May 2011


Researchers in Panda suits tending and caring for a Panda cub!

Orphaned Pandas and panda cubs born under captivity are taken care of by caretakers, biologists and researchers donning Panda suits in China, as a part of their ambitious strategy to care for orphaned Pandas and re-introduce captive bred Giant Pandas back into the wild. Imagine those little Pandas are actually fooled by disguises. Well, atleast it's for their own safety and wellbeing till they are ready to go into the wild as direct human contact (minus the disguise) would make it difficult for them to survive. The Giant Panda is seriously endangered. In the last 20 years, their natural habitat has shrunk by fifty percent, leaving less than a few thousand pandas alive in the wild.

Researcher in Panda disguise, taking a 4 month old Panda cub to release it into the Wild

Researcher in Panda costume letting another panda cub into the wild

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